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‘Real Estate investing, even on a very small scale, remains a tried-and-true means of building an individuals cashflow and wealth’ – Robert Kiyosaki.

Without a doubt, Real estate is one of the best investments you can make to boost your wealth and income flow. The possibilities are endless, just to name a few: capital growth, residual rental income, and purchasing low and selling high. Sellers took advantage of the opportunity to profit from sky-high sales prices as the pandemic alone made 36,000 new millionaires in the UK real estate market, which makes it a great spot to start investing. There will always be a chance to invest in real estate due to the ongoing population growth and unending housing demand.

At TY Property Group, we help property investors find the best property deals to expand or create their portfolios. Whether you are a first-time buyer or have a portfolio worth several million pounds, we are here to make sure you get the highest returns on your investments. We perform all of the due diligence, research, and critical analysis on your behalf, saving you a tonne of time that you might not otherwise have.

Finding the ideal investment can be a difficult and intimidating task. Many people may not know where to start, know how much money they need, or just don’t have the time or knowledge. TY Property Group clears these obstacles for you. We achieve this by comprehending your precise objectives and identifying the best options and recommendations for you, ensuring that your investment is secure, protected, and fruitful.

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It has long been proven that property investment may be used to increase wealth with 90% of millionaires globally becoming rich and wealthy through property investment. Property investing involves risk, strategy, and capital and can result in big gains. Arguably it is a more “get rich slowly” approach to building long-term generational wealth and cashflow as compared to other investing strategies.

Additional Benefits Than Depositing Money in a Bank

Many individuals believe that keeping money in a savings account would make them richer, yet inflation causes their money’s worth to decline over time. Hence, in about 5 years, £100 now will be much less valuable. Houses tend to double in value every 10 years which is known as capital appreciation. The benefits of capital appreciation over time, which helps prevents your money from depreciating, can be achieved by investing in Property.

Passive income and create cashflow through rental income

Gaining monthly cashflow is one advantage of investing in rental property. This is accomplished by renting out your property to tenants who make monthly payments to you. You have a profit after paying your monthly expenses, such as your mortgage and administration costs. With the proper management in place, this can be a passive source of income, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your daily life while still receiving income!


Investing in property means that you can secure leverage in order to increase the amount of your own investment. This can be done via a loan or essentially a mortgage. In simpler terms, you only need a percentage of the property’s value (deposit) to have control of the whole asset!

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